Al-Muhammadi: The capabilities of Abu Trika are close to the greatest European players


Ahmed Al-Muhammadi, a professional in the ranks of the English Aston Villa, praised Mohamed Abu Trika, the former Al-Ahly player and the Egyptian team, pointing out that the latter was only lacking external professionalism.

“Abu Trika has always existed in the finals, he is one of the greatest players in Egypt and Africa,” Al-Mohammadi said during comments to bein sports.

He added: “Abu Trika had no luck in professionalism, he would have done a very big need if he had gone out to Europe at a young age.”

He explained that Abu Trikas footballing potential is very close to the greatest players in Europe.

He pointed out that things have differed in recent years regarding the professionalism of the Egyptian players in Europe and currently there are a number of players there and this will affect well on the national team of Egypt.

And Mohammedi completed his remarks: “Mohamed Salah is marching wonderfully with Liverpool and is close to winning the league in the event of the return of the competition and there will remain a great need for him and he is a pride for us as players.”


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