Al-Qaei: The agents were the cause of the Fathi crisis, and Nader Shawky did not know Mfawy



12:16 am

Friday 03 April 2020

Books- Moataz Amr:

Adly Al-Qaei, Advisor to Al-Ahly Contracting Committee, pointed out that the Ahmed Fathi crisis was caused by the dispute of the agents, adding that Nader Shawky, his former agent, was not aware of details of Pyramids negotiations with the player.

Adly Al-Qiai said in statements on Al-Ahly channel: “When I spoke before about the file of renewal negotiations between Fathi and Al-Ahly, Nader Shawky said that I do not know the details.”

He added, “Then after Nader Shawky’s agency was disbanded with Fathi, he said in a phone call that he was angry because he did not know the player’s sudden decision, so it became clear that he is the one who does not know the details.”

He continued: “The Ahmed Fathi case was caused by the dispute of the agents. Nader Shawky said that Pyramids was negotiating with the player directly.”

He continued: “Whoever was negotiating Fathi from Pyramids is Mamdouh Eid, who is his former agent before working with Nader Shawky, and so is the current CEO of Pyramids.”

He continued, “It may be said to Mamdouh Eid by the Pyramids administration that the player who will introduce him will get a commission for him, and that is why the team CEO seeks to bring in big players such as Ahmed Fathi and Sharif Ekrami.”

He concluded, “When I told Ahmad Fathi and his agent,” Do not consume us, “I wanted to avoid the crisis because of the ambiguity that led to widespread talk about the matter.”

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