Al-Sakka: We will not sell any player until the registration crisis ends


Abdel-Zahir El-Saqqa, the sporting director of the Egyptian club, confirmed that no player will be sold in the team’s ranks until the end of the registration suspension crisis ends.

Abdel-Zahir El-Saqqa said in statements to the Al-Talatah program on “On Time Sport 2” channel: All the offers that hesitate about the clubs ’desire to contract with Al-Masry players orally only, and are only dealt with the official correspondence.

He added: “I have no problem getting the team players to receive offers, and I am proud of the names of the Egyptian players on the players’ exchange, but no player will be sold unless the registration is opened to the Egyptian club again after the end of the penalty crisis imposed on us by FIFA.”

On the rumor of Zamalek’s negotiations with Karim al-Iraqi, he replied: “Amir Mortada Mansour told me when we want a player from Al-Masry, we will negotiate directly with the administration, and you will not listen to the words of the agents.”

He continued: “We have a deficiency in the defensive line, specifically in the left and right centers, which makes the idea of ​​giving up players impossible.”

He concluded: “How to leave a player that we cannot replace, so do not leave the Masri until the registration crisis ends.”


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