Al-Sisi: “I go alone and see people in the minibus without masks.” (Updated)


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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that the state, with all its elements, leadership, government and people, is concerned with confrontation in any challenge it faces.

During the inspection of the elements, equipment and crews of the armed forces devoted to assisting the civil sector in the country to combat the spread of the new Corona virus, President Al-Sisi added that the armed forces and the police are still facing terrorism, calling for more effort to overcome this stage.

President al-Sisi continued: “Hours I go alone, I see the world walking on the street at a time when there is no ban.” He pointed out that “when he was sent out, I did not feel from the procedures of the people, and they are guided by it, I see a microbus and the people are stationed in it and no one has surrounded gags.”

He continued: “It is needed if we distribute these gags with the cost text or without the cost of pure, no problem”, and added: “We were keen to put the gags today until we reach the message that we are taking care of us.”

The president called on the citizens to take more commitment, saying: “We do not want to take more severe measures on you so that our life does not stop.”

The president added, “I reassured the railways and the subway, but they need to purify all transportation means in the country, and that is the role of the state and the army.”

Al-Sisi said he thanks the medical staff for their confrontation, sacrifices and their role during the face of the Corona crisis.

President Sisi pointed out that citizens must adhere to preventive measures, especially in transportation, stressing that until now things are still under control.

He praised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior during the curfew, saying: “I was keen on the Ministry of Interior to carry out this task on its own for its ability to carry out it successfully.”

Al-Sisi continued, “Caution must be exercised by citizens to preserve their health and their country,” stressing that despite the efforts being implemented, some are still skeptical, but the state is implementing and is capable of confrontation.

He said: «By God, my life, I didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t believe it … there is no promise to say except, and our Lord helped me to implement it.”

Al-Sisi added in his speech: “I am not even with the fact that we are suspending the work of the Egyptian state, and we stop life as a whole because it is dangerous, in millions of people work in the state.”

He continued: «With regard to the state, we have said that we are decreasing the numbers, we have stopped universities and schools, and here I must say do not think that the state is not keen on the future of its children, there is a responsibility for every father and mother in following up the future of our children, we will not lose our children, in a large mass that was going down and so we stood Universities and schools ».

The president added, “We are less than 3 months old with our reserves,” asking citizens: “Are we afraid of what? “There is no pure problem. You do not fear a need, but someone will frighten you.”

The most prominent statements of the President in his speech were as follows:

I thank the armed forces and all state agencies for facing the current crisis.

– I invite everyone to exert more effort, procedures and understanding of the demands of this stage.

Thanks to the cooperation and unity of the people, we managed to cross all the crises.

From the first moment, the government demanded that Egyptians not be terrified about the current crisis.

– I demand not to intimidate the people and to ensure that the topics are addressed objectively.

– All thanks to the medical staff throughout Egypt.

Get off without the usual form to see what is happening on the streets of Cairo myself.

I wish the Egyptians more care and prevention.

We do not wish to limit the timing of the movement so that life in Egypt does not stop.

– If the gag is required to be distributed to the Egyptians, we distribute it at half or no cost permanently.

– I made sure everyone appeared today with muzzles to convey the message to the Egyptians on the need to pay attention to methods of prevention.

I followed the precautions and the disinfection and sterilization operations in the railways and subways.

Egypt is still in a safe stage compared to the different countries of the world

– All condolences for deaths in Egypt and abroad from behind the emerging virus.

– If you want Egypt free from bad people, we should not pay attention to rumors.

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