Alan Grace: I have not summoned Maaloul to the nations of Africa because of differences with him


French coach Alain Grace, the former coach of the Tunisian national team, confirmed that he considered the experience of training the Carthage Eagles in the recent nations of Africa 2019 as a good one and he aspired to reach the final.

“I am satisfied with the experience and I had a goal, which is to qualify for the final, but we are out of the semi-finals,” Grace said in comments to the Al-Talat fans program on OnTime Sports.

He added that he was criticized by Al-Ahly fans for not having summoned Ali Maaloul to the list of Tunisia before the nations of Africa 2019, stressing that there were differences between him and Maaloul and therefore he was excluded.

He continued: “I know that the Zamalek fans must be Ferjani Sassi, because he is a great player and he was participating with me in some matches with Tunisia.”

He continued: Maaloul defends well and performs the offensive performance in a mortal manner, and Ferjani plays in a strong league. As for Hamdi Al-Naqaz, I know him to a certain extent, he is good and strong, but I can say something else that he was not with me in the team.

Regarding the exit of the Egyptian team from the last African nations, he indicated that what happened was a surprise, and I do not know the reasons because I was not close to the team and was one of the candidate teams.

Grace concluded his statements: “There was a lot of pressure on the players in Egypt, and sometimes playing on the country’s soil poses a great pressure on the players.”


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