Ali Maaloul is responding to the Esperance and Coast Star fans due to Al-Ahly


Maaloul, the left back in the first team of Al-Ahly football club, responded to the attack by some Esperance fans and the coastal star on him, because he caused them to be eliminated from the 2017 Champions League matches.

Al-Ahly had qualified for the 2017 CAF Champions League, but lost the title to Moroccos Wydad.

Ali Maaloul said in his remarks to the Tunisian “Diwan FM” radio: “I do not like to comment on the fans of Esperance and the coastal star. It is the right of anyone to attack, and the players must endure.”

He added: “In the African Champions League version, I was the best player in the tournament and the most goal-making player, and I was just around the corner to get the best player in Africa, but it didn’t happen.”

And he added: “I am a contractor with a team that I must play well with, even against the Tunisian teams, because I have a professional conscience and between me and my Lord, and I must give the fans and my team the right, and just as I was with the Sfaxians, I defend its colors to the last point of my race.”

He concluded, “Every person in his service must defend him in order to always exist.”


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