Alone on the streets of Morocco, he faces “Corona” .. the son of singer Mohamed Abdel-Mal


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Wednesday 01 April 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

A short video clip spread on social media, sparking a wave of sympathy for an old Egyptian who became homeless in the Kingdom of Morocco after more than 30 years spent there, and his story becomes more exciting when we know that the seventieth man is “Nour”, son of the late artist Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib, one of the legends Singing in the Arab world .. What is his story and what happened with him?

Initially, Nour told Chouf TV that, years ago, one of his Moroccan friends gave him a residence to reside in and after his death, his wife came and took him out of the house to find himself in the street without housing, appealing to King Mohamed VI to give him a residence to reside in, among the Moroccan people He loves him very much.

Masrawy contacted the son of the great artist to find out the details of his crisis, which he said in private statements, that he immigrated to Morocco 30 years ago after his bankruptcy: “I had a large restaurant in Cairo that was burnt and destroyed and I destroyed it, and with the utmost honesty the people in Morocco helped me and my sufferers and stood up Next to me as if I was one of them. “

Nour Mohammed Abdul-Muttalib

“I worked in Morocco for many years, and when my health is not helpful, my friend, businessman Mohamed Binalis, gave me a home to live in, but the time has passed from the shops, and my dear friend passed away, and I am 70 years old, and now I cannot work,” Nour Yaki says.

On his recent tragedy and his presence on the street homeless, Nour Abdelmutallab revealed the details, saying: “After the death of my friend, and specifically the second day of the home quarantine procedure that was applied in Morocco after the spread of the Corona virus, I was surprised by his wife who came to me with others and then expelled me from the house, without mercy or Compassion and without regard for my age and the circumstances in which all countries pass (meaning the Crorna crisis).

We asked “Uncle Nour” about his demands and the reason for his discontinuation from Egypt during all this period. He replied, “All I want now is a residence I live in,” pointing out that he does not have a passport, or, more accurately, his passport is not renewed, because the Egyptian embassy in Morocco refused to renew it. Because he does not have a national number: “I will have a national number, how can I be a 30-year-old?”

The son of the great singer added: “Egypt is running in my blood, and I have no problems, no issues, and no need, and I have never sinned against it … I am an Egyptian national, but my Haji Egypt is sitting where I am, and I have no place or housing, leave me sitting with people Whoever cried me, “he said.

Mohamed Nour, son of the late singer

Regarding his association and communication with his family in Egypt, the seventy man explained that he has two sons and one sister, but he understands the harshness of life these days, and that he does not like to be a burden on them: “They have children and God’s family reconciles them, I can’t hold them responsible, and I can’t do them any problems.” Because in the distance, near what they say. “

The art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi assured Masrawy that Nour is the son of the late artist, and he immigrated for many years to Morocco, “Now he is in trouble and we must stand by him, and if the problem of his return to Egypt lies in the papers and the bases, it can be solved:” In the end this is an Egyptian In trouble, and if the state reviews its papers, and finds that the crisis is only in his passport and national number, this can be solved simply, and the state will not compromise him with a valid and valid passport. “

The art critic, who met his father the great singer more than once, said: “Abdul-Muttalib was not just a great singer, but he was one of the legends of the ritual, and he has an obligation on us even towards his children:” Abdul-Muttalib is an old unionist, and when his son is difficult it is necessary to enter the union, and I see Its role is very important at this time because the death of the member does not mean breaking off the family.

Masrawy tried to communicate with the Captain of the Musical Professions Hani Shaker and the members of the Syndicate Council, and we were unable to obtain a response at the time of writing the report.

Abd Almotalib

It is worth noting that the artist Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib was born on August 13, 1910, and began his artistic career by singing in the “Badia” theater, then in the band of musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab. During his career, he presented tens of songs that achieved a wide audience, including: “I live in the Sayyida neighborhood, and you The people of love, bid farewell to Hawak, and Ya Layla Beida, and participated in several cinematographic films, including: “5 Al-Habayeb Street, give me your mind, and a night of love. You have a day, oppressor, and Ali Baba, the forty thieves, and the Hatura taxi.”

Among his most famous songs are “Ramadan Jana”, written by Hussein Tantawi, and composed by Mahmoud Al Sharif. He passed away on August 21, 1980 at the age of 70, leaving a great legacy of songs and movies to be a school in the history of indigenous art.


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