America calls on China to defeat Corona and restore prosperity


Source: Washington – France Press

In talks with a prominent Chinese official, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday called on China to cooperate with the emerging Corona virus, in a sign of seeking to ease renewed tensions.

The administration of US President Donald Trump criticized China, accusing it of not disclosing data on the epidemic more quickly, and on Tuesday announced its intention. Freezing WHO funding For not confronting Beijing.

Pompeo reiterated his request for “full transparency” in a call Wednesday with Chinese official Yang Jiechi, but the tone of the US State Department was unusually positive.

The ministry said Pompeo “indicated the assistance the Chinese people provided – and still provide – to the Chinese people in January, and the great importance we attach to Chinas facilitating exports of medical supplies to meet the urgent demand in the United States.”

She added that the two sides “affirmed their commitment to defeat the Covid-19 epidemic and restore global health and prosperity.”

China is an important source of masks and other supplies that are most needed by the United States, which has recorded the highest number of HIV infections and deaths in the world to date.

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping seemed to have reached a truce in a phone call late last month, after Trump and Pompeo then ended the provocative designation of the virus as “the Chinese virus” and “Wuhan virus”.

Nevertheless, US Defense Secretary Mark Asper said on Wednesday that China should provide more information about the virus that originated in Wuhan.

He told Fox News: “Every day we see them withholding information. So I think we have to do more and continue to pressure them to share this information with us.”

Trump’s opponents, Democrats, believe that the president’s announcement of his intention to cut funding to the World Health Organization is a dangerous attempt to divert attention from the problems in the US response to the epidemic with Trump’s preparation for the upcoming presidential elections.

Trump said in January that the virus was “under full control”, praising Chinas transparency.

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