American lawmaker: more Americans die “lesser evil” than economic damage


American lawmaker: more Americans die


Terry Hollingsworth, Indiana Rep

US lawmaker Terry Hollingsworth said that allowing more Americans to be killed with the Coronavirus is considered an “insignificant” harm to the economy caused by the isolation measures.

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And the US “CNN” channel quoted the Indiana Republican as saying that “the position of the American government in the field of choosing between losing our lifestyle as Americans and incurring loss of life is always the last.”

He described the reopening of the American economy soon as “the lesser of two evils”, and said: “There is no choice without damage. We have to look in the eyes of the Americans and tell them that we take the best option for the largest possible number of them. What is clearly and unambiguously required is that we bring the Americans back to work.” “.

CNN said that Hollingsworth’s comments reflected a growing desire by US President Donald Trump and a large number of Republicans to quickly reopen the US economy because of the heavy damage left by the Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

Source: CNN

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