Amina Khalil joins the stars of Ramadan 2020 in the second half


The actress Amina Khalil joined the current Ramadan race, with the series, “Why not ?!”, her first absolute championship, which is scheduled to be shown in the second half of Ramadan 2020, via MBC Egypt.

Amina embodies the “Alia” character, a young woman from a traditional family where parents control the reins of the younger generation, but she suddenly decides to take control of her life’s affairs, even if she places it in a violent confrontation with most of the family members.

The social series deals with the story of a generation who wants to control the reins of his life and the lives of his children, even if they are over the age of thirty, and a generation in their thirties tries to receive the flag and create an area of ​​independence and freedom to make decisions … And if it was a risk.

“why not?!” Written by a narration workshop under the supervision of the scriptwriter Mariam Naoum, a script and dialogue by Dina Najm and Majdi Amin. The artist sings Amal Maher with the song “Who is capable” of the words of Nader Abdullah and the distribution of Khaled Ezz.

A large number of stars are participating in the series, along with Amina Khalil, including Hala Sedky, Sherine Reda, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, Maryam Al-Khisht, Hani Adel, Omar Al-Saeed and Nardeen Faraj. Directed by Maryam Abu Auf, and produced by E producers Abdullah Abu Al Fotouh.

Amina Khalil had participated in the new advertisement for Vodafone Egypt, on the occasion of Ramadan 2020, under the title “Our Millionaire,” which was photographed remotely in light of the procedures of the new Corona virus.


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