Amr El-Ganainy, about the withdrawal of Zamalek from the top game: “We regret this view.”


Amr Al-Janaini, head of the Football Federation’s five-year committee, confirmed that the committee insisted on holding the top match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the League Championship, indicating that there were no compelling reasons for not holding the match.

Amr Al-Janaini said in statements to the “Ontime” stadium program presented by the media, Saif Zahir Ali, on “On Time Sport” channel, that the union was clear that the reasons that drive the committee to postpone the matches are as clear as what happened in the first match between the two teams that was postponed by a clear security decision Pointing out that security has agreed to hold the second match between the two poles.

On the withdrawal of Zamalek from the summit game against Al-Ahly, Amr Al-Janayni commented, “We regret this view.”

Officials settled The Five-A-Committee Football Association Chaired by Amr El-Ganaini to work with a new list of rulers ’entitlements during the coming period to motivate them and confirm that the decision to accept Gamal El-Ghandour’s resignation from the chairmanship of the refereess committee was not because of the amendment of the list, but for other reasons.

The Football Association officials confirmed that it has been settled to allocate 5 thousand pounds to rule the arena in the Premier League matches instead of 3 thousand pounds in the old list and two thousand pounds for the rule of the arena in the second-tier league and thousand pounds for the rule of the third-division league matches and this list will be implemented retroactively from the beginning of the season Ongoing.


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