An application that helps shoppers learn the least crowded supermarket


A web developer has created an app that categorizes supermarkets by queue length and stock availability, the app has been launched to help shoppers check stock availability in their local supermarkets and find places with shortest queues during procedures to close the Corona Virus.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the developer was created Paul Hulatt This app is to facilitate access to the supermarket during the Corona outbreak, as the app uses the data provided by its users to show the quietest stores in an attempt to prevent others from traveling to multiple stores to get the basics.

Users can then check in after completing their shopping trip to alert others about the waiting lists and inventory levels in the store.

The supermarkets included in the app were not involved in its development and did not provide any of the information, but all of that comes from user reports.

The developer said to the application, “Given all the issues that were there with supermarket queues and stock availability, I wanted to help,” adding, “After the vacation program was put in place, I decided to use my spare time to keep my development skills up to date, and the result is a check-in supermarket check-in.”

He decided to create an easy “check-in” format to collect data collectively and allow people to feel part of the community, stressing, “This type of socially generated content is a really great way to bring communities together and help each other overcome this crisis.”

When you first open the app and use your location to find the nearest supermarkets, you can adjust that to three, five, 10 or 25 miles from your place.

It shows you a list of all nearby supermarkets within each of these distance ranges, and next to each supermarket, it will show you the average queue length.


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