An invitation to archive wrong information about Corona on “Facebook” and “Twitter” for this reason


Researchers are calling on social media companies and other content sharing services to archive erroneous information about the Corona virus in order to study how it affects public health, where the CDT says that 75 organizations signed an open letter to demand social media and content sharing platforms like Facebook Facebook, Instagram and Twitter retain information about COVID-19 that is misleading even after its removal.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the center revealed that the importance of accurate information during this epidemic is clear, but knowledge about the Corona virus is developing rapidly.

The center added: “This is also an unprecedented opportunity to study how the flow of information over the Internet affects health outcomes, and assess the consequences at the macro and micro levels of automation dependency for moderate content in a sophisticated and sophisticated information environment.”

CDT invites social media and content sharing platforms to record any content being removed, whether it was removed by a person or by one of its automated systems, and in addition to conducting research on misinformation and its intersection with public health, CDT says it can also be used to produce public transparency reports That explains how and when the content is removed.

The call to keep and track misinformation comes as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are stepping up efforts to prevent the spread of misinformation to the public by using automated content supervision systems and great human scrutiny.

These efforts have had some unintended consequences, as Facebook recently admitted that it made a mistake in blocking content on how masks are hand-stitched and threatening to block users who post it, including groups in Pennsylvania, Illinois and California.


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