An official Chinese decision closes the door on the secret of Corona


11:03 PM

Monday 13 April 2020


CNN, the US news agency, said it had seen an official document issued by the Chinese authorities banning the publication of any studies or research on the origin of the emerging corona virus.

The virus started in Wuhan, China, and then turned into an epidemic that has infected 1.9 million people, killing about 118,000 as of Monday evening, Johns Hopkins University.

CNN reported that two Chinese universities posted the official decision on the Internet, and then quickly removed it.

The confidential decision document states that research related to the virus must be subject to surveillance and government approval before publication.

The US network also said that the decision was made by the Science and Technology Department of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

According to Sky News, the decision specified the stages of the completion of scientific research in this matter, starting from academic committees in universities, then sending to the science and technology department in universities that will in turn transfer scientific papers to work teams in the State Council, and universities are not entitled to submit to publishing only after Obtain final approval.

But a Hong Kong medical expert, who earlier cooperated with researchers from mainland China, and published a paper in an international medical journal, said he had not been subject to these restrictions.

The Chinese authorities have said on several occasions, they have always shown the transparency required to reveal the status of the new Corona virus, which appeared in Wuhan, Hubei province, in the center of the country, late last year, then spread to the countries of the world, and has infected more than 1.8 million people to date . Since late January, Chinese researchers have published a number of scientific studies on the virus in prestigious scientific journals internationally. CNN quoted an unnamed Chinese researcher as saying that this step is a dangerous development that would hinder scientific research.

And the academy added, it is a coordinated effort by the Chinese government to control what is being said about Corona, so that the virus does not appear to have originated in China. He pointed out that he excludes the authorities from tolerating any scientific effort trying to search the origins of the virus, which caused economic panic and paralysis worldwide.

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