An official statement .. Port Said reveals the details of the transfer of the body of a death in Corona


12:09 am

Friday 03 April 2020

Port Said – Tareq Al-Rifai:

Port Said Governorate, on Thursday evening, announced the details of the transfer of the body of a death case that was infected with the Corona Virus, from Al-Mabra Hospital to the Port Said Cemetery, on a semi-transfer vehicle.

The governorate said, in a statement, that the citizen, IHM, 64, arrived at Al-Mabra Hospital on suspicion of being infected with the Corona virus, and the necessary samples were taken and the result of the analysis appeared positive, but he died on Wednesday afternoon, and the hospital administration and preventive medicine took All preventive measures followed to bury such cases in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, and his family were notified and they contacted the Funeral Association, but their request was rejected by the association because the deceased in Corona had special conditions when transporting and burying, so the family of the deceased contacted with a member of the House of Representatives in Port Said Governorate To provide a burial cart for the dead, a To a deputy to send a car a quarter of the transport to move the body. ”

Port Said Governorate confirmed that it had coordinated with the Ministry of Health to equip a vehicle equipped with a burial of the dead for Corona virus cases, as well as coordination with the Minister of Social Solidarity to allocate another vehicle, stressing that the governorate will take all legal measures against the Funeral Association, and any authority that proves its shortcomings.

And users of the social networking site Facebook shared a video, today, Thursday, which was photographed by a person while transporting the body of a positive Corona case on a semi-transport vehicle, and the video was accompanied by several negative comments from citizens, describing the scene as inhuman and demanding accountability for the negligent.

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