“An unintended grave mistake” … Sudanese TV reveals details of a harmful broadcast


1:05 AM

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Books- Hassan Morsi

The media Lukman Ahmed, Director General of the General Authority for Sudanese Radio and Television, revealed the circumstances of broadcasting the Moroccan call to prayer on Sunday, 10 minutes before breakfast time, confirming that it was a “serious but unintentional mistake”.

Ahmed said, in a telephone interview with the media Amr Adib, on the program “Al Hakiya”, broadcast on the satellite channel “MBC Egypt”, on Monday evening, that the administration investigated this incident that caused confusion at the time of iftar, explaining that the initial investigations showed that there was an advertising break that was An electronic programmer to broadcast before breakfast time, followed by Maghrib’s call to prayer, and a technical error occurred by the programmer, who performed the call to call to prayer 10 minutes early.

The Director General of the General Authority for Sudanese Radio and Television added that a large number of government TV followers broke the fast based on the call to prayer before his appointment, and I personally broke the ears issued by the Sudanese TV, expressing his apology for that unlimited error

And the Sudanese Television Department announced in the main TV bulletin that it apologized for broadcasting the Adhaan Radio 10 minutes before its appointment, confirming that this was due to an unintended error.

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