Angelina Jolie’s condition deteriorated due to Corona and the prison refuses to release her .. Photo


The health condition has deterioratedIranian charms Tabr, nicknamed b Angelina Jolie of Iran, after being infected with a virus Sk Newbie (Covid-19).
According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, the 22-year-old Iranian, whose name is Fatima Khishwand, or Sahar Tabar, is undergoing intensive care treatment because she constantly needs a ventilator due to her poor health due to The virus The newbie.
Sahar Tabar was hit With the virus The newcomer during her stay in the Iranian prison for serving the sentence due to her violating activity on the social networking site Instagram, and she gained fame two years ago after she claimed to have performed 50 surgeries to become similar to Angelinajole, but she later clarified her use of photo-editing programs only to become similar to the artist Angelina Jolie but in a frightening way.
The Center for Human Rights in Iran, based in the United States, said that an Iranian judge had refused to release Sahar on bail despite the spread of virus Corona in Iranian prisons and the authorities released 85 thousand prisoners last month in an attempt to combat the spread The virus The newbie.

Sahar was arrested on charges of inciting violence, graft, and encouraging young people to corruption, and she was arrested on the orders of the Steering Court in Tehran.


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