Apple introduces Apple Music on the web


In September 2019, Apple launched the Apple Music beta for users on the web to allow its subscribers to enjoy their music anywhere, and after several months of testing, Apple removed the beta name, so Apple Music is now publicly available on the web for all subscribers.

According to the American mspoweruser website, the Apple Music user interface on the web looks similar to the Apple Music macOS app, where users can now broadcast more than 60 million songs from Apple Music.

Users can also enjoy music without Wi-Fi or by using data, the user just has to download the favorites list to your smartphone and transfer his music to any place.

You can also watch exclusive content such as documentaries about your favorite artists, concert movies and original TV programs, listen to radio stations broadcasting from all over the world, also can create its own playlists and get a customized mix and daily recommendations based on the music you really like.

On the other hand, Apple revealed during the last period that it is preparing to provide its music service, Apple Music, to the amplifiers for the company Amazon Echo by December 17, which is the official resumption of that, but the company has already started and ahead of the deadline to provide the service to users.

According to the American website, The Verge, the service is now scheduled to be available on the Alexa app for both iOS and Android platforms, among other music streaming services already supported by Echo devices including Spotify and Pandora along with iHeartRadio.


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