Astronomical research: a giant pink moon decorating the sky this evening and peaking at dawn tomorrow


Dr. Jad Al-Qadi, President of the National Institute of Astronomical Research, confirmed that the globe will witness the third and most beautiful giant moon today in 2020, indicating that when the month of Badr Shaaban is completed for the year 1441 AH at 4:35 a.m. on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 AD, Cairo time will be the moon in Perigee from its orbit around the Earth.

The National Institute for Astronomical Research pointed out that the moon will appear to be larger than its usual size and therefore brighter than its familiar condition, pointing out that this phenomenon is called the giant moon, which may be repeated more than once during one year, as it happened this year during February and last March. The time will be the most beautiful and brightest in 2020.

The National Institute for Astronomical Research pointed out that although it is called the giant giant moon, the moonlight will not be really pink, and although the moon will look giant throughout the night, its peak will be at the aforementioned time in a phenomenon that attracts attention and attracts scholars and hobbyists Astronomy to watch, monitor and photograph.

The Institute called on the masses of Egyptians and astronomers to enjoy this beautiful phenomenon and pray to God to protect our beloved Egypt from the spread of the Corona virus..

It is mentioned that the full moon will shine with sunset, covering a fuchsia in orange or orange as a result of dust and other plankton in the atmosphere around the earth that scatters white light reflected from the moon and disperses the colors of the blue spectrum and the colors of the red spectrum remain, but after rising and away from the horizon it will appear in the color The usual silver white and this happens every month.

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