Barcelona is considering applying a new reduction in the salaries of its players


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reveal report Journalist Spanish About Developments New about the crisis Finance Which Suffers Of which club Barcelona Because Suspension Activity Athlete Puppet spread virus Sk The newbie.

And it was The club Catalan may be Advertise at time former About discount payroll His players in the rate of 70% During Period Current To limit From Effects the crisis Economic On His budget For a while back Life For activity Spherical Once Other.

According For the newspaperMondo DeportivoSpanish, The Management Barcelona Studied Take Decisions New about payroll My players the team the first, at Light size Losses Caused About Suspension Activity Athlete.

And she said The newspaper that losses Clubs European During Period Coming may be Excellence all Expectations, distance that It is forbidden Clubs From Their earnings Main Because Stop Matches, and he What Will be reflected Negatively On Budgets all Clubs at The continent The old man.

She added The newspaper that Josep Maria Bartomeo, President The club Catalan, seem at a study Situation The financial For the club, Prelude To run Negotiation With Players From Yes discount Their salaries During season Next Also.

And she saidMondo Deportivothat This Reduction the new Will Depends On size Impotence Which Will appear at budget The club Catalan During Period Coming.

Source Picture: REUTERS

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