Because of Corona, good morning anchor, Egypt, you get on the air … video


Informative said Dina Abdel Rahman, The most important priority for the citizen in the current period is to face the Corona virus with great courage, which does not depend absolutely on going to the street and exposing the health of the individual and others to death and danger.
Dina Abdel Rahman confirmed, during the program “good morning Egypt”, That the theory of some recently under the slogan, “The one who is sitting next to his work or working as a crowd,” which has proven over the years always fails, tends to blame others for their inevitable deprivation of the issue of their daily work that cannot be dispensed with from providing food commodities, medicines and the necessity of being concerned with the responsibility of each Individual and away from criticizing others.
She indicated that Corona Virus He created a new slogan of its kind, which is that the safety of the world is my responsibility, and that every person has become responsible for his own safety and others also in repelling the attacks against the Corona virus.
Dina Abdel Rahman pointed out that Egyptian government Her concern and sole concern is the safety of the citizen, and since the beginning of the spread Corona Virus In China, the Egyptian citizen revealed all the details of prevention, protection and taking all precautions against Corona virus.

She asked the citizens to stay at home and avoid gatherings to get out safely from the incubation period of the virus and the speed of its disappearance from Egypt as soon as possible.

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