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Faced with the scarcity of facial masks recommended by the World Health Organization to protect against the emerging corona virus, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention advised to wear cloth-instead of medical masks.

In a video released by the center, American general surgeon Dr. Jerome Adams shows how to make a face mask out of fabric in just 45 seconds.

According to the surgeon, a member of US President Donald Trump’s Anti-Corona Virus team, almost any fabric can be used to make the mask, and all that a person needs are rubber bands.

The CDC now recommends wearing face masks in public places, where it is difficult to keep a distance from others.

The mask is good because a large number of infected people do not show symptoms of the disease and do not know that they are infected with the virus and pass it easily on to others.

“It is not to protect against the virus, but to help reduce its spread. There are scientific data showing that the cloth barrier can reduce the amount of the virus that is transmitted to the other side,” director of the center Robert Redfield told “State News”.

The CDC stressed that people use masks of cloth instead of medical, which should be left to medical personnel.


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