Belarus, Corona, and football Egyptian today


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When the world decided to stop football activity for fear of the Corona pandemic … it was a collective decision shared by rich and economically poor countries, big and small, and spherical. Belarus was one of those countries .. Contrary to what happened in all the countries around it and in Europe and the whole world .. Life in Belarus did not stop .. Its president Alexander Lukashenko declared his mockery of the fearful world, and said that his people will not be afraid of Corona as long as he drinks vodka and goes To the sauna and drive tractors .. b President himself participated in the game of ice hockey, stressing that sport is the best way to resist the Corona ..

Life in Belarus after Corona did not change from what it was before the spread of the global epidemic and all the usual aspects of life including football continued, as the league known as Vishishaya Lega did not stop .. The only difference is that the fans have to measure the temperature before entering the stadium and wear The masks and carry with them hand sanitizers .. Because Belarus soon became the European country that still plays the ball .. the league in it has turned from a local competition that no one outside the country is interested in to a championship whose matches are watched by many people, whether in Europe or even in the whole world .. fans of the ball that She used to watch and was surprised by a real and official competition that is still standing … and so I turned attention to following these matches .. Vitaly Peonos, president of FC Slotsk club, confirmed that his club has become enthusiastic fans outside Belarus, whether in Europe or the whole world.

Clubs like Brest began selling virtual tickets to their fans outside the border .. And apart from that there were indications of massive activity by European and international bookmaking offices to follow the Belarus round after the rest of the world’s competitions were disrupted .. Normal life still remains in Belarus despite the injury of 6264 and the death of 51 as victims of Corona. The Football Association there announced that it had examined three players from different clubs and found that they were not infected with the virus, after which Sergei Zahredsky, Secretary-General of the Federation announced that the competition will continue in the presence of the usual fans and if things go wrong at any time, there will be other decisions to protect the country.

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