Belgium: 12-year-old girl dies in Corona


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The new Corona virus killed more than 700 people in Belgium on Tuesday, and authorities announced that a 12-year-old girl had died of the virus, the youngest of the victims.

For his part, Emmanuel Andre, a spokesman for the National Crisis Center in Belgium, said, “It is an emotionally difficult moment, because it involves a child, and it also disturbed the medical and scientific community.”

He pointed out that 98 people have died from the disease during the past twenty-four hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 705 in a country of about 11.5 million people. More than 12,705 cases have been confirmed to date.

He also said that the Belgian authorities expect that the spread of the disease will reach its peak in the coming days, adding, “We will reach a point where we will approach the saturation stage in our hospitals.”

“We are not at the height of (the epidemic), but in what is known as the inflection point. This means that the momentum of the epidemic has started to decline, thanks to the efforts that we all made during the past 15 days,” he said.

He continued, “It is very important that we continue in these efforts,” stressing that “the path retreated slightly today does not mean that it will not return and rise if we slacken our efforts.”

The Belgian government has banned the gathering since 14 March, and imposed strict restrictions on movement since 18 March in an effort to contain the spread of the epidemic.

On Friday, the Prime Minister, Sophie Filmes, announced the extension of the circular home stone until April 19, with the possibility of extending it later until 3 May.

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