Between congratulations and “atonement” .. Nancy Ajram in the crossfire of the tweeters


The Lebanese star Nancy Ajram tweeted, through her account on Twitter, expressively embodying Christ crucified, in conjunction with the conclusion of the fortieth holy fast of the Christian communities, which falls on Friday, the tenth of April, in what is called “Good Friday”.

“We worship your sufferings, O Christ,” Nancy said in her tweet.

The tweet witnessed a great interaction, between well-wishers and worshipers, and between attackers suppressing her freedom by expressing on the pretext that “prostration is only for God.”

Some expressed their tolerance and love for this occasion, which brought together a Christian holiday and an Islamic holy day, which is Friday.

However, others took the initiative to attack the artist, as if she had committed a major sin that deserves to be reprimanded.

Some even blasphemed her, accusing her of committing a “polytheistic” act.

Some of the tweeters deplored the attack on Nancy, stressing the need for others to accept and open up to other religious beliefs:

The artist did not provide any comment about the attack, which is still continuing at her expense.

Nancy Ajram is following more than 14 million followers on her official account on Twitter.


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