Beware … a malicious message may cause your iPhone or iPad to be disabled


If you are using an Apple device, you must be very careful, after a malicious text message caused a number of problems with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac phones, and it includes a string of letters and emoji for the Italian flag and some letters from the Sindhi language.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Users have reported receiving this text message as a notification on their Apple devices, and on iPhone phones, the error is said to affect those who use the system iOS13.4.1. .

According to the report, when it receives an iPhone, iPad or Mac Or Apple Watch Notice that this text string is used, things get unstable, sometimes the device crashes, other times it stops responding to touch and much more.

According to the report update, the patch has already been released on OS devices iOS 13.4.5 Experimental, which means that Apple is aware of the problem, and there may be a fix for other devices soon.

It is not yet known how and to what this text is, as it is shared across platforms including iMessages And Twitter, as there are reports linking him to a group Telegram .

She explained a tweet before EverythingCamelPro The Italian flag code is not necessary in this malicious text message, as Apple devices get stuck even when the message contains only Sindhi characters.

In order to fix the problem temporarily, you should disable the notifications on the Apple device, but if you are wondering what to do if he receives the notification? Fortunately, if you receive a message containing the text string, you can restart your device and things should return to normal, the report says.

A similar type of bug that affected Apple devices appeared in 2018. It was found that the Telugu character damaged iPhone devices, after it was merged into a message or in a document or pasted.


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