Bill Gates defends Chinas way of confronting Corona and criticizes the United States


Bill Gates spoke about the way China is facing the coronavirus pandemic, pointing out that Beijing “did a lot of things correctly”, so he told a network CNN Over the weekend, Gates defended Chinas response and criticized the “incorrect and unfair things” that had been said about the country.

According to the British “Mirror” website, Gates said: “China did a lot of things in the beginning, like any country where the virus first appeared, and they can look back and say where they missed some things.”

Gates emphasized that the US response to the coronavirus was handled poorly, saying: “As you know, some countries responded very quickly and conducted tests, and avoided staggering economic pain, and sadly, even the United States that you expected to do well did so well.” Especially bad. “

In an interview with The Times, Gates said the Corona virus epidemic was his “worst nightmare,” stressing that he had been concerned about the impact of a pandemic like this for years.

Gates, previously the world’s richest man, warned of the world’s need to prepare for global health crises, and said, “My worst nightmare has come true.”

Speaking to Ted Talk In 2015, Gates spoke of the 2014 Ebola outbreak and said that global communities are not prepared for a future epidemic, and he urged countries to prepare supplies and expertise.

Gates said in his talk at the time: “In the movies it is completely different, there is a group of handsome epidemiologists ready to go, move around and do the rescue operations, but this is what happens only in Hollywood.”

In response to a pandemic Covid-19Gates pledged that his charity would arrange funding to build factories to produce vaccines, and these factories would be ready to manufacture billions of different vaccines before agreeing to speed up the process. He said: “They’ll put them in people fairly soon, and if the results of their antibody are one of the most promising results , Then we will help us and the others to make sure of the mass production.


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