Bossa .. Ahmed al-Fishawi publishes a new photo with his wife – Watch


The artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi published new photos with his wife Nada Al-Kamil while they were in a romantic position, where he embraces and accepts it, and this was not the first time that Al-Fishawi published a picture of them while he was accepting them. El Gouna, Cairo and Alexandria Festival.

And their backs together are among the most prominent signs of their strong love for them and the extent to which Al-Fishawi appreciated his wife Nada Al-Kamil, whom he considers his life partner, and the public used to share their photos together on all occasions and meetings that bring them together as an expression of love and appreciation for them.

And Nadi Al Kamel confirmed on her personal page on Facebook that she and her husband are committed to the home stone and that she is shocked by the people’s neglect of the stone quarantine procedures and the failure to observe the quarantine measures approved by the government to resist Virus Corona and prevent its spread, as happened in European countries that suffer from neglect and Not taking the topic seriously


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