Bushra: the measles vaccine reduces the complications of the Coronavirus


The website of the British Daily Mail newspaper published a recent report in which he confirmed that scientists are experimenting with the measles and mumps vaccine, and its ability to protect people from Corona Virus Coved 19.
Researchers at Cambridge University said that the measles and mumps vaccine may show promising results because the rubella virus has a similar structure to that of the virus. Sk Consequently, this vaccine may have an effect in reducing the spread of the virus to the human body.
The researchers stressed that treating rubella will not prevent an infection Corona Virus But it can reduce the results and complications of the virus that kills the infected.
The researchers confirmed that there are structural similarities between Coronary viruses Measles and from here measles vaccine can be used as a means of controlling complications.

The researchers analyzed the two viruses, found that they were 29 percent identical, and found similarities between coronavirus and bone viruses, including rubella.

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