By the numbers .. Find out about the biggest losers of Coronas stop in Zamalek? .. A whole team


The current negative stopping period in Egypt came after the decision to extend the suspension of the Egyptian league competitions and postpone the semi-finals of the African Champions League due to the precautionary measures to avoid the threat of Corona virus, to stand in front of a number of Zamalek players, who were hoping to participate with the French Patrice Carteron, The technical manager of Al-Abyad, during the team’s local competitions, before the negative stoppage.

Day Seven showcases the biggest losers Zamalek From the current negative downtime due to the SK virus ..

Three Zamalek goalkeepers

The trio of Mohamed Awad, Mahmoud Jensh and Mohamed Sobhy, the goalkeepers of Zamalek, the biggest losers, as it was expected to give the French Carteron the opportunity to them in a number of local matches, especially the gouache returning from the injury after undergoing the Achilles ligament process and then going through a long rehabilitation period, where he did not participate Jennash with El Abyad in this season after he was injured while he was with the national team in the 2019 African Nations Cup.

While Mohammed Awad participated in only 4 games with the French Carteron in 360 minutes, during which he conceded 3 goals, before Muhammad Abu Jabal got the opportunity to participate mainly in the rest of the matches.

It was also assumed that Mohamed Sobhy had the opportunity to participate in local matches, to be ready to participate with the Olympic team in the Tokyo Olympics, before it was postponed for the next year, due to the precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the Corona virus, where he previously participated in one game under the leadership of Carton this season , In front of Tanta, and received two goals.

– Mohammed Abdel-Ghani

Zamalek’s defender Mohamed Abdel Ghani was supposed to have an opportunity to participate more with El Obeid before the current stoppage, especially after the French Carteron pushed him in 12 games at a rate of 992 minutes in various tournaments, during which he made a goal.

– Mohammed Abdulsalam

Also, Mohamed Abdel Salam, Zamalek’s defender, was also affected by this stopping, as he was waiting for an opportunity to participate after the French Carteron contented himself in 8 matches with an average of 368 minutes.

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Hassan, the Zamalek midfielder, was hoping to get the opportunity to participate with Al-Abyad more in order to increase his chances of being with the Olympic team in the Tokyo Olympics that were postponed due to the Corona virus, after the French Carteron relied on him in 7 games at a rate of 272 minutes in various Championships.

Mohamed Antar

Also, Mohamed Antar, the Zamalek winger, was only able to participate under Cartieron in two games with an average of 48 minutes, so that the current stopping period is a reason that he did not have the opportunity to participate before the end of the current season.

– Shikapala

Despite the talk of French Patrice Carteron about the important roles played by Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala, captain of the team, he did not get the opportunity to participate with Al-Ubaid before the break, except in 7 games at a rate of 273 minutes, during which he scored a goal, under the leadership of the French coach.

Mostafa Fathy

The same is true for Mostafa Fathi, the Zamalek winger, who returned before the passive stopping period of injury to start entering the team gradually, where he participated under the leadership of Carteron in 11 games at a rate of 233 minutes, in various competitions, did not witness his registration or manufacture of any goal, and was also Carteron is set to give him more chance through the Premier League competition before he is suspended.

Islam Jaber

The same applies to Islam Gaber, the Zamalek winger, who was involved in 7 games by Carton in a rate of 257 minutes, during which he made a goal, and he was unable to obtain the opportunity further due to the suspension of sports activity competitions.

Bamboo Cream

The same thing happened with Karim Bambo, the playmaker of Zamalek, who, under 170 years, led two games, Cartier, with an average of 170 minutes, during which he scored a goal.

Omar Al-Saeed

Omar Al-Saeed, the Zamalek striker, did not have the opportunity to participate significantly with the French Carteron, as he participated in him in 6 games with a rate of 327 minutes, during which he scored a goal, and he hoped to increase the chances of his participation with the team before stopping.

– Kabongo Kasongo

The same is true of the Congolese Capongo Kasongo, the white striker, who joined the ranks of the team during the last January transfer window, where he participated under Cartier in 4 matches with an average of only 39 minutes, during which he was unable to score or make any goals.


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