Cabinet clarifies the latest outcome of the number of legal churches up to 2020 (Infographic)


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In conjunction with the celebration of the glorious Resurrection Day, and in confirmation of the serious approach and orientation of the state towards the consolidation of the values ​​and principles of citizenship, freedom of worship, national unity and equality among all people of the country without discrimination or discrimination on any basis, the media center of the Council of Ministers published an infographic that shed light on the latest outcome of the numbers of churches and buildings Which was legalized and reconciled by the main committee to legalize the status of churches headed by the Prime Minister, which was formed in January 2017 in implementation of Law No. 80 of 2016, regarding the organization of building and restoration of churches.

According to the infograph, as of April 2020, the results of the committee’s work resulted in the reconciliation of 1568 churches and buildings across the republic, divided between 937 churches and 631 buildings.

The infograph showed that Minya Governorate ranked first in the geographical distribution of churches and buildings whose conditions were reconciled with 286 churches and buildings, followed by Giza Governorate with 144 churches and buildings, Qalyubia Governorate with 138 churches and buildings, Sohag Governorate with 131 churches and buildings, and Alexandria Governorate with 123 churches And the building, and the eastern province, 98 churches and buildings.

The status of 94 churches and buildings in Beheira Governorate, 92 churches and buildings in Asyut Governorate, 87 churches and buildings in Beni Suef Governorate were legalized, in addition to 83 churches and buildings in Cairo Governorate, 47 in Aswan Governorate, 43 in Gharbia Governorate, 33 in Menoufia Governorate, and 32 in Dakahlia Governorate, 25 in Luxor Governorate, 19 in the Red Sea Governorate, 19 in Qena Governorate, 17 in Suez Governorate, 16 in Ismailia Governorate, 13 in Matrouh Governorate, 10 in Port Said Governorate, 8 in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, 7 in Fayoum Governorate, The New Valley Governorate has 2 churches and buildings, and finally South Sinai Governorate with (1) churches.

And the infograph monitored, 15 decisions of the committee were issued regarding the reconciliation of the conditions of churches and buildings up to April 2020, the first of which was in May 2018, after the end of the application period in September 2017, as follows: In May 2018 two decisions were issued, the first legalizing the status of 53 churches and buildings, and the second Legalizing the status of 167 churches and buildings, and in October 2018 a decision was passed to legalize the conditions of 120 churches and buildings, and there are 168 churches and buildings that were legalized in December 2018, 119 churches and buildings that were legalized in January 2019, and 156 churches and buildings whose status was legalized in March 2019, 111 churches and buildings legalized in April 2019, and 127 churches and buildings legalized in For July 2019, 88 churches and buildings were legalized in September 2019, 62 churches and buildings legalized in October 2019, 64 churches and buildings legalized in November 2019, 87 churches and buildings legalized in December 2019, and 90 churches and buildings legalized in January 2020, 82 churches and buildings were legalized in February 2020, and in April 2020 the status of 74 churches and buildings was legalized.

The infograph has stated that the sects undertake the issuance of the necessary licenses for demolishing, rebuilding or restoration and submitting matters related to structural safety, provided that the main committee to legalize church conditions, studies requests and verifies the availability of a set of conditions that are required to be submitted by the legal representative of the royal religious community For the church or building, and that the building be established on the date of implementation of Law No. 80 of 2016, and is structurally sound according to a report from an accredited engineer in the Engineers Syndicate, and that the building be bound by the controls and rules of civil protection and the laws regulating state property.

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