Call to investigate the Liverpool and Atletico Madrid match, with thousands of fans attending


Call to investigate the Liverpool and Atletico Madrid match, with thousands of fans attending


An official in the English city of Liverpool called for an investigation into allowing a match between the “Reds” and Atletico Madrid in the European Champions League to be held before 52,000 fans last month.

“If Corona virus infection is transmitted directly as a result of a sporting event, we believe that it should not have happened, this is a scandal,” Steve Rothiram, mayor of Liverpool and its suburbs, told the BBC.

He continued, “The matter must be investigated to see if some infections were directly related to the Atletico fans, there were some cities that were very affected by the Corona virus and Madrid, one of them … they were not allowed to mix in their country but 3 thousand fans came to us and spread maybe Corona virus.”

He stressed, “Therefore, the matter must be considered, and the government must bear some responsibility for not declaring complete closure early.”

The British government considered that it followed scientific advice when it allowed the match to be held and other sporting events such as the famous “Cheltenham” horse race in the same week.

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Atletico Madrid knock out Liverpool from the Champions League (video)

Madrid is considered one of the most affected European cities by the Coruna epidemic, and its mayor, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, acknowledged that the match was a “mistake”.

Despite the signs of the outbreak of the new Corona virus on March 11, the European champions Liverpool hosted the match at the canned “Anfield”, and Atletico won 3-2 after the extension to topple the title holder and reach the quarter-final result 4-2 with the total number of home and away matches, before the competition stopped due to Corona virus outbreak emerging.

At a time when the Spanish League reached a decision at the time to complete the “La Liga” matches, behind closed doors.

Source: “AFP”


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