Celebrities in the time of Corona .. Tik Tuk sanctuary!


Some artists were active in the application, so Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim broke the record by publishing six videos in one day.

The videos that artists create are varied and from their daily lives, from sports, cooking, family, tradition and dumps.

Here is a list of artists who have entered the world of this app, or who have been active in it during home quarantine:

Majed Al Masry
“They pressed Alia so much, they said that she must do Tik Tok.” With this sentence, the Egyptian actor Majed Al Masry published his first video on “Tik Tok”. It is only a few days until the number of followers reached 600 thousand subscribers.

Al-Masry publishes many comic videos, from sports and dumps for his family, to installing the videos with his wife on a music track.

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Nadine Naseeb Njeim
The Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim was very active in the application of “Tik Tok” during the house quarantine, as she published six videos a day ago, and this is a record for an artist on social networking sites.

Its followers exceeded 1.2 million. Njeim publishes funny videos in a way that synchronizes the lips, which is known as the “Tik Tok” application, that is, the matching of the movement of the lips with another voice.

Njeim performs her home videos with her friend, as well as her participation in the challenges that the audience interacts with most.

Cyrine Abdel Nour
The Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdel Nour will move on the application “Tik Tok”, which she has been active in recently, from cooking videos to challenges, clips from her series and interviews, as well as comedy videos with her husband.

Sirin has more than 8837 thousand followers. She also participated in the #Khalek_Balbait campaign on her way through a song clip.

Karol Smaha
Lebanese actress Carole Samaha responded to the request of her fans and joined “Tik Tok”, but she has not yet received more than 141 thousand followers.

His Eminence publishes funny videos on the way lip sync and videos of her clips. She also called in her last video to follow her on “Tik Tok”, because she will publish for the first time a new opera, with the participation of a number of the stars of the Arab world entitled: “You are stronger”.

More than 328,000 followers of the Lebanese artist Yara who recently entered the world of “Tik Tok”.

Yara publishes videos of her songs and participates in awareness-raising videos about the Corona virus.

She also published a video in which she thanked the doctors who treat people infected with the Coronavirus under the tag # Thank You for Heroes.

Only four videos on the “Tik Tok” application, through which the Egyptian artist Mohamed Heneidy managed to obtain more than 1.5 million followers.

He also participated in one of the challenges, and in another video, he narrated the story of HIV infection No. 31.

Ahmed El Sakka
2.6 million views, this was the start of the Egyptian artist Ahmed El Sakka on “Tik Tok”, with the publication of a video in the rain.

It has received about 474 thousand followers so far. Al-Sakka also publishes short clips of his films.

Mohammed Assaf
The Palestinian artist entered the world of “Tik Tok” in his own way, but he has not received more than 54 thousand followers so far. He publishes clips of his songs or during his exercises.

Karim Abdulaziz
Also, the Egyptian artist Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz entered “Tik Tok” and has more than 639,000 followers. And Abdulaziz publishes clips from his series along with funny videos, in a way that synchronizes the lips.

Solomon Eid
The Egyptian comedian Soliman Eid entered his terminal with “Tik Tok”, as he published four videos, and he gained more than 42 thousand followers.


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