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It was not a secret to Khaled al-Zikr, Jamal Abdel Nasser, the colonial directions of BBC, and when she called the late leader “dog” during a program on the Yemen war, the president replied to them in a stupid shocking speech, saying: “And you are the birth of sixty dogs.”

I hope that the new Corona virus will not distract you from the BBC’s full immersion in promoting the Brotherhood’s terrorist plans, its adoption by the terrorist Brotherhood along the line, and identifying with the terrorist group’s plans and promoting them globally, as it is one of the most important media platforms directed in the Middle East.

The whole world is preoccupied with the viral pandemic, counting the number of dead and injured, and news of research on antibiotics, vaccines and treatments in laboratories stands, and the viral war erupts between Washington and China, and fears that the virus will invade Africa, and BBC has turned its attention to releasing Brotherhood prisoners in Egyptian prisons.

As if the countries of the world have no prisons except Egypt, and as if all the countries of the world have released prisoners except Egypt, a broad report in the BBC newsletter on demands for the release of prisoners, and the fear of a pandemic in Egyptian prisons, it is known that the BBC has resonated with the Brotherhood, the voice of the Brotherhood’s international organization, is not innocent Such a false claim, BBC casts a false name into the Egyptian vessels.

Aside from now, the national claims regarding the release of the elderly or imprisoned with short penalties, in financial misdemeanors, and so on, this is an accident and occurs without a false pretense, see the presidential pardons and conditional releases, in which a law governing such releases is “not on the Bahali” without an officer or link .

The well-known cross-border claims are driven by a cross-border organization. The Brotherhood’s international organization is pushing for the release of terrorist leaders imprisoned on charges of terrorism and involved in bloody plots, under the weight of the pandemic and in the darkness of the epidemic, pressing with brutal injustice adopted by the BBC in sniffed reports, tragic Brotherhood, and if it hides under the guise of human rights and the epidemic , And infection, all of which are false and exposed scams, Egyptian prisons were not infected, and sterilization and sterilization operations around the clock.

The Brotherhood, through a BBC correspondent wailing to prevent prison visits, almost cried from the “Brotherhood forbidding” on the face of the correspondence, as if the Prison Authority was required to open cells to enter the virus through an unidentified visitor, the Brotherhood’s hooligans and YouTube incite jihad with viral infection, not fear There is a plan to transfer the infection to prisons, and the interior hedges and avoids.

Such as waste recycling, the Brotherhood is lying a lie, and it is published by an Egyptian newspaper, and their associations and human rights organizations refer it around the world, and it is republished by a Qatari-funded English newspaper, and the Rabia Brotherhood satellite channels in Istanbul turn it into a space, then the BBC regurgitates it and gives Brotherhood lies credibility … a financed and explicit lie. Really, sixty sons … God have mercy on you, Abdel Nasser.

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