Clubs address Mahmoud Taher to run for the presidency of the Football Association


A number of clubs began offering a number of names to run for the upcoming Football Federation elections, which are likely to take place at the end of August, at the head of which are Mahmoud Taher, former Al-Ahly club president, to run for this seat so far.

A number of members of the general assembly spoke with Mahmoud Taher, but the latter did not express his final opinion yet.

The members of the quinquennial committee of the Football Association stuck to the existence of the 8-year clause in the new Bylaws provided that it be applied to everyone, whether in the position of president or members, and also retrospectively, which means its application to the previous members of the Council who have been present for two consecutive terms.

Officials confirmed Football Association There is no truth to what has been reported about the application of the 8-year clause only to the president, while the rest of the members are entitled to run for more than one session if they gain the trust of the General Assembly .. The Five-Year Committee of the Football Association has decided to exclude 3 new clubs from the new General Assembly of the mountain, which They will have the right to vote in the upcoming elections, which are the clubs of Spin Shebin, the courts of Mahalla and Guinness, so that the number of members of the General Assembly becomes 95 clubs, because these clubs do not reconcile their conditions according to the new sport law.

Football Association officials revealed that there is no crisis in the event that an official letter from the International Football Federation (FIFA) does not reach, extending the extension of the appointment period for the temporary committee headed by Amr Al-Janini until the elections are held in August or September, especially since the decision to appoint the committee ends in Next July 31.

The Jabaliya officials explained that in the event that the tidal letter does not reach the committee, Walid Al-Attar, the Jabaliya executive director, will manage the tribalism and conduct the work until the elections are held, but that the closest is the arrival of the tidal letter, especially as among the tasks of the committee is to supervise the upcoming elections.


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