Colors of the homeland Abraaj expert expects the end of Corona: the worst will follow


Bint Yusuf, a zodiac expert, commented on her prediction at the beginning of the year of a natural disaster affecting the economies of superpowers, which happened with the new Corona Virus “Covid 19”, as she said that the coming period will witness many changes in the world, but as for the situation in Egypt, it will remain under control. Appealing to citizens not to trust if things calm down the number of injuries.

Youssef added, during a telephone interview on the “Al-Hekaya” program, with the media Amr Adeeb, on “MBC Egypt”, that it is possible that the topic of Corona will end and the world will live in a calm atmosphere of two months and suddenly the subject appears worse than the first, “so In the words of Balash Natman, “stressing that at the end of December there will be many surprises, and Corona will worry the world until December.

And she continued: “What will come after the Corona virus is a difficult need and by saying that we will not return to our normal life de Tani, and the angle that will happen on December 20 this year does not happen from 600 or 700 years, and after that every need in the world will change, a new life will emerge, and we will see a pure second world, This event will continue for the next 20 years. “

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