Conceal his death in Corona … and Egyptian health reveals the truth


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

More than two weeks after his burial, and his solace, and the family denied his death as a result of his corona, the Beni Suef Health Directorate revealed the truth.

The start dates back to March 22, when the family of an elderly Egyptian man, Sayed Ahmed Sayed, aged 82, announced his death from acute pneumonia in his hometown of Sharif Pasha village, in the city of Nasser in Beni Suef Governorate, in the south of the country. They buried the body in the village cemeteries, and then they received solace in it, denying reports of his death in Corona, and threatened to pursue those who promote this rumor.

On Wednesday morning, more than two weeks after the incident that sparked great controversy in the governorate and on social media, the Beni Suef Health Directorate confirmed the infection of the deceased with the virus, and informed his family at that time.

The Directorate also confirmed, in an official statement, that “the deceased was 82 years old, and ambulance No. 2181 brought him to Nasser General Hospital on Saturday, 21 March, in a very poor health condition, after prior coordination with the Health Directorate for the speed of his ambulance.”

She added that “the first aid necessary for the patient was taken, and the necessary smears and samples were taken, to check the extent of his infection with the Coronavirus, and after that the heart muscle stopped abruptly, with no response to the procedures of pulmonary resuscitation, which led to his death, and the body was deposited with the hospital morgue.”

To that, she explained, “The security services were notified of this, and a preliminary medical report of incident No. 553 was prepared, in which the dead body was stipulated in the morgue, until the results of special analyzes to ensure that he was infected with a corona or not.”

The Directorate stressed that “the result of the tests proved the positive of the deceased’s infection with the virus, and therefore a final medical report was prepared by that No. 134 dated Sunday 22 March, and the security services were notified,” noting that “the dead body was washed and shrouded, according to the instructions and procedures stipulated in the Preventive Medicine Circular.” And fighting infection in the directorate, under the direct supervision of the hospital director and in the presence of the director of the departments of curative medicine and emergency.

She also said that “after the completion of the washing and shrouding, the body was deposited in the wooden box, and the commander of the Nasser Police Station and the head of the detective unit, the Center, was informed of the completion of the washing and shrouding procedures, and the assignment of a security force to accompany the car designated to transport the body of the deceased, and bury it”, adding that “at this stage Its role ends, according to the protocol of the General Administration for Infection Control, for the burial of corpses of the deceased with the virus “.

It is noteworthy that after the incident and the examination of contacts, it was confirmed that two others were infected with the virus in the village, and they were transferred to the isolation hospital. This was followed by intensive campaigns of sterilization and disinfection of all village installations and buildings.

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