Conditioning causes 9 clients in a restaurant to be infected with the Corona virus


inside Resturant Closed with no ventilation windows in China. Several people sat Their food Scattered at different tables last January, among the clients was an old woman who was infected with a virus Sk She was not aware of her injury and did not show any symptoms.
The shocking thing is that 9 customers sat on Tables Different near each other had been injured With the virus Without contact, which confused researchers about how the disease was transmitted to 9 people, and the surprise was in “conditioning”.

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It is known that the corona virus particles are heavy and difficult to transmit over long distances through the air, which may not exceed one meter, but in a study published by the American Emerging Infectious Diseases magazine.

Researchers discovered that the air conditioner is in The restaurant The virus-carrying spray was transferred from a 63-year-old woman who was present at the same location.
Corona virus is transmitted to people after ingestion the food Through the transmission of infection in the air by “air conditioning”, where they were sitting at adjacent tables in a restaurant without windows in the Chinese city of Guangzhou,

The researchers advise, according to Business Insider, to increase the distances between tables, improve ventilation inside restaurants, set a specific time for customers to finish eating, work with less capacity and wear the sleeves, as well as placing air-conditioning vents in places far from customers in order to reduce the spread of the virus in the future.

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