Corona detects a suspicious apartment that hundreds of people flock to every day during the ban


One of the apartments raised the surprise and suspicion of the population and the police because it visited hundreds of visitors daily, despite the imposition of a curfew in Britain due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Forcing the police to storm the apartment to find 2 drug traffickers who come to addicts daily to satisfy their needs.

No one knew what was happening in that apartment from neighbors, residents of Amara, but since the curfew began, everyone is now sitting in their homes, and they have no choice but to follow the silence outside and watch each other.

The neighbors noticed that hundreds of people arrived every day on that suspicious apartment, which made them file a report with the police to inform them of the inconvenience and suspicion they noticed, according to the Metro newspaper.

The addicts, upon their exit, were knocking on their doors or windows, ringing the bell, and escaping in order to cause terror among the neighbors, but the police stormed the apartment after the notification and arrested all of the people in it.


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