Corona Myths: Fasting, Gargling, Beans, and Cholera treats the virus


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Monday 06 April 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

While Corona Virus “Covid 19” continues to harvest its victims around the year, news, talks and reports about this global epidemic continue, and the pioneers of social media circulate intensively, but some are incorrect and others need to be scrutinized.

During the following lines, we show you the latest rumors about the Corona virus, and they were as follows:

1- “Chollo” treats corona

Dr. Magdy Nazih, head of the Nutrition Education Department of the National Institute of Nutrition, said during his meeting with the program “Bab Al-Khalq” with the journalist Mahmoud Saad on “Al-Nahar” channel, that the cellulo meal which is (dry molokhia, garlic, lemon and water) strengthens the immune system to fight viruses, but that Many circulated the video as treating the virus, which prompted “Nazih” to clarify again in an intervention with the journalist Amr Adeeb, saying: The meal supports immunity, such as tomatoes with garlic and cumin, and thus helps the body fight viruses.

He added: “Corona is not prevented, but what prevents the infection is isolation and staying at home.”

2- Fasting affects the immune system:

Contrary to the rumors that fasting affects immunity, Dr. Syed Hammad, nutritionist at the National Institute of Nutrition, told Masrawy that fasting is one of the things that greatly benefit the human body, including strengthening the immune system, but it should be noted on people who suffer from diseases Chronic, health problems, not fasting until after consulting a doctor.

3- A bean dish protects against infection

Among the rumors of the recent period, that the bean dish in the Egyptian way protects and treats the Corona virus, according to Dr. Magdi Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society for Allergy and Immunology, during his meeting with the “Sabah Al Ward” program.

However, the World Health Organization has not confirmed any scientific evidence that the bean dish protects or treats the Corona virus.

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4- Sesame oil applied to the skin prevents corona from entering the body:

The World Health Organization responded to this, saying that it does not eliminate the virus, and there are some chemical disinfectants that kill it on the surfaces, and include antiseptics that contain bleaches or chlorine, and other solvents and ethanol with a concentration of 75%, peroxyacetic acid, and chloroform.

However, its effect on the virus is weak or non-existent if it is placed on the skin or just below the nose, but rather it is dangerous to put these chemicals on the skin.

5- Spray the body with alcohol or chlorine to eliminate corona:

The World Health Organization said that spraying the body with alcohol or chlorine will not eliminate viruses that have already entered your body, but may be harmful to clothing or mucous membranes (such as the eyes and mouth). However, both alcohol and chlorine may be useful for disinfecting surfaces, but they should be used according to appropriate recommendations.

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6- Regularly washing the nose with saline solution to prevent infection:

According to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence that regular washing of the nose with a saline solution prevents infection with the virus, but there is limited evidence that regular washing of the nose with a saline solution helps cure colds more quickly. However, it has not been proven that regular washing of the nose protects against Respiratory diseases.

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