Corona .. The death toll is close to 90 thousand, including 15 thousand in America alone


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The Corona virus continues to spread rapidly around the world, with more infections and deaths. About 89 thousand deaths around the world and more than a million and a half million infections, in contrast, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that his country is close to the beginning of the decline of the Corona virus.

Pedro Sanchez urged all political parties to join a plan to revive the economy after the crisis.

The Spanish parliament is scheduled to vote on extending the state of emergency for two weeks until the twenty-sixth of April.

In the United States of America, Johns Hopkins University announced the total deaths in the United States, which exceeded 15,000, while New York Governor Andrew Como said on Thursday that there was a sharp decline in the number of hospitalizations due to infection of the Corona virus in the past 24 hours. , Where it recorded its lowest level since the beginning of the crisis, indicating that the measures of social separation succeeded in limiting the spread of the disease.

Como added in a daily press statement that the number of deaths increased to 799 on the eighth of April compared to the death of 779 a day earlier, the highest number for the third day in a row.

From Germany (AFP)
From Germany (AFP)

On the other hand, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rap said Thursday that the number of corona virus deaths in the United Kingdom rose until 1600 GMT yesterday 881 to 7978.

Rap told a daily press conference of the government that the total number of people who were tested 24,421, of whom 65077 had tested positive, as of 0800 GMT on Thursday.

In turn, Turkish Health Minister Fakhruddin Kuja said that the number of confirmed cases in his country with the new Corona virus has increased over the past 24 hours by recording 4056 new infections, while 96 cases have died, bringing the total number of deaths to 908 cases.

from Italy
from Italy

Koujah added on Twitter, that the total number of recovery cases reached 2142 cases after the recovery of 296 in the past twenty-four hours, and that the number of checks conducted at this time reached 28,578, the highest number in his country so far.

He pointed out that the number of confirmed cases in Turkey now stands at 42,282.

The Covid-19 epidemic has killed at least 88981 people in the world since its appearance in China in December, according to an AFP tally prepared on Thursday at 11 GMT.

More than 1,519,260 cases have been diagnosed in 192 countries and regions, according to official figures, since the outbreak began. However, this number only reflects part of the true outcome, because a large number of countries do not conduct tests except for cases that require transportation to hospitals.

Of these injuries, at least 312,100 people have recovered to date.

from Italy
from Italy

The most affected countries after Italy are Spain, then the United States has become the highest cumulative total of injuries, according to official figures, (432132), in which 23,906 people were cured, and 14,817 people died.

The death toll in Europe on Thursday at 11:00 GMT was 62,402 deaths out of 787744, 15273 deaths out of 451315 injuries in the United States and Canada, 4504 deaths out of 12,7727 injuries in Asia, 4,354 deaths out of 88,295 injuries in the Middle East, and 1814 deaths Of the 45,523 cases in Latin America and the Caribbean, 577 deaths out of 11,519 injuries in Africa and 57 deaths out of 7,146 cases in Oceania.

from Germany
from Germany

Data from the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases showed that the number of cases of coronavirus in Germany increased by 4,974 in the last 24 hours, to reach 108,202 cases, rising for the third consecutive day after a four-day decline.

The number of deaths recorded increased by 246 to 2,107 cases.

Italy announced 542 new deaths in Corona, bringing the total number to 17,669. It also announced 3,836 new injuries, bringing the number of injuries to 139,422.

Belgium recorded 283 new deaths, bringing the total to 2523 deaths.

From Spain
From Spain

In Spain, the Ministry of Health announced that the number of daily deaths due to corona infection slowed on Thursday after an increase over two days, when 683 people died in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 15,238 deaths. It added that the number of injuries rose to 152,446 compared to 146,690 yesterday.


In Switzerland, the public health agency said today, that the number of deaths in the country due to the emerging Corona virus reached 756, up from 705 yesterday. She added that the number of confirmed cases of the disease rose to 23,574 from 22789 the previous day.

In the Netherlands, health authorities said that the number of confirmed infections with the Coronavirus in the country rose 1213 on Thursday to 21762 and 148 new deaths were recorded. The Dutch Institute of Public Health said in a daily statement that the number of deaths reached 2396.

While France announced the first decline in the number of intensive care patients due to Corona, while the latest statistic for the number of deaths today, Thursday, 12210 deaths.

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