Corona Virus: France summons Chinese ambassador due to statement criticizing “Western slackness” in responding to the epidemic


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On Tuesday, the French Foreign Ministry summoned the Chinese ambassador to protest against a series of controversial accusations by the Beijing embassy in Paris regarding the “Covid 19” epidemic.

In a statement, French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, rejected these accusations, considering them incompatible with the “nature of the bilateral relations between the two countries.”

The Chinese embassy in France has published on its website a lengthy text titled “Restoring Distorted Facts – Views of a Chinese Diplomat in Paris”, praising Beijing’s “success” in fighting the emerging corona virus, and criticizing the way Western countries have responded to the epidemic.

The text accuses the West of unfairly distorting the image of China after western countries classified “Covid-19” as a “slight flu” in the early days of the outbreak. It also criticizes the Americans, because of the dismissal of an aircraft carrier captain, a large part of its crew was infected with the virus.

The Chinese statement claims, without providing any evidence, that the French medical staff in nursing homes “abandoned their duties overnight and left the elderly to die of hunger and disease.”

The French Foreign Ministry statement stressed that “Coved-19” is a pandemic affecting all continents and all societies.

“In the face of the virus and its repercussions on our economies, there is no room for controversy,” he said. “France is working firmly for unity and solidarity and for the greatest possible international coordination.”

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If Drian considered the article to be inconsistent with the nature of the bilateral relations between the two countries

What came in the embassy statement?

accuse The Chinese embassy statement to the Western media, experts and politicians to pay attention to defaming China and attacking it in a “fabricated” thesis indicating that Beijing was “slow in its response” to the epidemic, and that it “concealed the truth”, more than confronting and preventing the virus.

“According to them, they ask how can we believe that only 80,000 people have contracted the virus, and more than three thousand people have died in China … If China has achieved this result, it is not because of lying or concealment, but because the government The Chinese have taken the most comprehensive and strict prevention and containment measures. ”

The statement asked, “What did the Europeans and Americans do, during the two months following Chinas announcement of the virus, and a month after Wuhan closed … their leaders announced that it was just a flu and that the possibility of it reaching their country is minimal.”

The report attributed some of the strategies taken by Western countries, such as “herd immunity”, to “evading the provision of medical supplies, and the resale of equipment purchased with public money to private sectors in the interest of personal interests.”

Britain was the most prominent first to follow the “herd immunity” strategy in its response to the spread of the virus, but it abandoned it, after the outbreak, and announced the imposition of a complete closure.

The statement said that China has cooperated closely with the World Health Organization and invited its experts to conduct field visits, in response to the US president’s accusation of the organization being biased towards Beijing and calling for its funding to be stopped.

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