Corona Virus: New York allows online marriage in case of pandemic closure


A wedding party in New York

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This scene was one of the last weddings in New York before the imposition of the closure

New York Mayor Andrew Como has signed an order allowing online marriages to be completed, after many weddings were canceled due to closures in response to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

According to the decision, state residents will be able to apply for the issuance of marriage documents electronically, and clerics will be allowed to complete the marriage online.

“This means that there is no longer any excuse for any couple to be officially married,” New York Mayor jokingly said after the decision was signed.

He added, “The link can be completed through the Zoom chat program, yes or no?”

The decision came after New York announced the extension of the closure procedures until May 15. To date, more than 13,000 people have died in New York State alone due to the emerging Corona virus, which causes Covid 19.

Reactions to the new decision differed on social media.

Some have criticized the decision and wondered why anyone should have a formal marriage ceremony without the presence of family and friends. Others criticized the New York governor for not caring about other matters and issuing other more important decisions.

But others praised the decision, saying that during the outbreak of the epidemic marriage could be beneficial, as couples may be allowed to benefit from health insurance jointly.

How do Engaged couples deal with closings due to Corona?

Some people have already taken refuge on the Internet, setting up wedding celebrations rather than the actual wedding that was supposed to be the most memorable day of their lives.

However, if these marriages were not arranged in advance – and their places of residence are available and those completing them are available despite the state of closure – many of them are not legally binding.

It was not the first New York state to go online to provide legal solutions to citizens.

The UAE recently announced that it is possible to offer online marriage for citizens and residents alike. The UAE Ministry of Justice has created an electronic platform that allows marriage seekers to register and submit the required application and documents.

The UAE also allows the establishment of a virtual ceremony in the presence of the authorized and witnesses as well.

There are similar procedures in Colorado as well, as authorities have allowed citizens to submit link requests formally over the Internet.

On the other hand, a Ohio county allows its citizens to obtain marriage permits electronically in certain circumstances, such as if one of the spouses is a health care worker, or one of them has serious medical problems or has health insurance problems.

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