Coronas right to return … Residents’ apology fills her village


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

After the Egyptian Attorney General issued a decision to imprison those involved in preventing the burial of a body The Egyptian doctor Sonia Abdel-Azim Aref, who died of coronavirus in her family’s graves in her village, Shubra El-Bho, in Dakahlia Governorate, for 15 days pending investigations. The villagers offered apologies to the family and the doctor’s husband.

The families hung banners throughout the village, and in front of the villa where the family resides, included words of apology for what a group of their children did, asking Dr. Mohamed Hindawi, the husband of the late doctor, to accept their apology.

Signs of apology included words saying, “The people of the village of Shubra El-Bahou extend their sincere condolences to Dr. Mohamed Al-Hindawi over the death of Dr. Sonia Abdel-Azim, and we apologize for the unconscious few.”

Other signs also included words saying, “A duty of apology … The youth of Shubra al-Bahou and all the people, with great apology and regret, extend to Dr. Muhammad Al-Hindawi and his gracious family for the irresponsible behavior that has emerged from some, and we condemn in the strongest terms these actions, asking the Mighty and Glory to bless the deceased with his mercy My sincere condolences and sympathy.

Prevent the ambulance

The village of Shubra El-Bahou in the city of Aga in Dakahlia, had witnessed last Saturday, a large number of people gathered, where they gathered to prevent the entry of an ambulance carrying the body of the doctor who died in Corona, refusing to bury it in the graves of her family in the village.

Investigations revealed that a worker used a loudspeaker, from a mosque in a neighboring village called “Qarmout Al-Baho”, and called on the people to go out to prevent the doctor from being buried for fear of transmitting the infection.

The people gathered in the morning and gathered in front of the village entrances, refusing to enter the ambulance carrying the body, and smashed its windows, trying to force its leader to return, while the security forces intervened and broke up the gathering and arrested those involved, including 4 women, and were able to facilitate the burial ceremony, amid procedures Preventative and precautionary.

23 involved

Egyptian security forces arrested 23 of those involved The Public Prosecution charged 11 of them.

The prosecution directed the defendants to participate in the commission of a terrorist act, which is to prevent the burial of the body of a deceased woman using force and violence, threatening and intimidating people with the aim of disturbing public order, endangering the safety, interests and security of society, as well as harming individuals and throwing terror among them, and endangering their security and their public and private rights.

In response to its consideration, Dr. Ayman Mukhtar, the governor of Dakahlia, decided to name the late doctor at the primary school in the village, and Cairo University also gave her name to one of the wards at Qasr Al-Aini Hospital.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, called the late doctor’s husband, offering him condolences, and apologized to him on behalf of the Egyptians for what happened to the villagers.

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