“Corpses in the toilet.” An Ecuadorean nurse tells tragedies about the Corona victims


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A nurse working in a hospital, “Guayaquil”, the largest city in Ecuador, revealed exciting details of his experience while dealing with victims of the Coronavirus, amid the crowds and the collapse of the health system in the city, in a shocking report to Agence France-Presse.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, the nurse, who preferred not to be identified, said that the bodies were piled up everywhere in the hospital where he works, so that the bathrooms were overwhelmed with them. In the toilet”.

The spokesman recounts the effects of these “shocking” circumstances on his private and professional life, saying that “a lot of people died in our hands while we were injecting them with a needle of a vein.”

The nurse added that they had to “remove or transfer patients in order to evacuate the family.”

Describes what sufferers suffer when they are “lonely and sad.” The disorder that causes them in the digestive system, and some of them defecate in their clothes. They feel embarrassed and think they will not recover, and look at the next person choking and screaming for oxygen. ”

The 35-year-old nurse says the number of deaths rose overnight, and “the number of people working at the morgue is not enough any longer, so we have had several times to move the bodies and pile them in the toilet.”

He pointed out that his colleagues “had to curb their need” in going to the toilet because it was full of “corpses”, adding, “The (corpses) are taken out when they number 6 or 7.”

And when the morgue is full, refrigerated trucks are brought to the hospital to put the corpses in, where some of them remain for ten days, wrapped in bags such as black clothing protection covers.

The nurse tells how this experience reflected on his professional and family life, noting that when he returns home, after 24 hours of work, as soon as he tries to rest his legs until he suddenly wakes up to the impact of the “nightmare” himself as he sees himself running and “opens the bathroom door that includes All the dead bodies, ”without being able to return to sleep.

His family life was turned upside down, and he could no longer share anything with his parents and brother.

The nurse reveals his feelings of resentment when he is able “only to connect the patient to a tube, despite my knowledge that he needs a breathing apparatus and that there is no other option”, such as diabetics or hypertension, adding: “What if my mother? If it were my father? “This is killing me, killing me psychologically.”

Ecuador has recorded about 23,000 injuries, including 600 deaths since February 29, mostly in Guayaquil.

The official toll reveals only part of the tragedy, as the number of deaths in the first two weeks of April increased three times the monthly average.

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno acknowledged that “the records only reflect a portion” of reality, which was reinforced by the nurse’s account.

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