Coved 19 injuries exceed 3 million globally … 209 thousand deaths


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The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world exceeded three million, on Monday, as the United States approached one million cases, according to a Reuters count.

The Covid 19 pandemic has left at least 208973 deaths worldwide since the outbreak of the virus in December in China, according to an AFP tally based on official sources Monday at 19:00 GMT.

This comes at a time when many countries are taking steps to ease measures of public isolation that have led to a cessation of normalcy during the past eight weeks.

For her part, she said World Health Organization It is possible to compare the number of three million confirmed cases of corona in less than four months, in terms of the number, with about three to five million severe illness caused by seasonal flu around the world every year.

The director of the organization, Tedros Adanum Gebresos, said on Monday that “the world had to listen” to the organization that warned of Corona since the end of January, stressing that global health authorities cannot force countries to implement their recommendations.

He also said at a press conference in Geneva: “The world had to listen attentively to the World Health Organization because the global emergency was declared on January 30th,” with 82 cases of the virus recorded outside China, but without a death count.

From New York on April 25
From New York on April 25

The total number of deaths from HIV infection reached 205,000 people, on Monday, according to Reuters. Nearly one out of every seven registered cases died.

Countries with the highest number of deaths in 24 hours are the United States (1388), France (437), and the United Kingdom (360).

The United States, which recorded the first death at the end of February, is the country most affected by the epidemic, both in terms of the number of deaths and injuries, and the death toll on its soil reached 55563 cases out of 979,077 cases, while the authorities announced the recovery of at least 107,526 people.

The most affected countries after the United States are Italy, with 26,977 deaths out of 199414 injuries, then Spain with 23521 deaths out of 209,465 injuries, France with 23,293 deaths out of 165,842 injuries, and the United Kingdom with 21092 deaths out of 157,149 injuries.

Belgium has the largest population deaths

Among the countries most affected by Covid-19, Belgium has the highest number of deaths in the population with 622 cases per million people, followed by Spain with 203 deaths per million people, then Italy (446), France (357) and the United Kingdom (310).

Mainland China (excluding Macao and Hong Kong), where the virus first appeared in late December, recorded a total of 82,830 infections (three new cases between Sunday and Monday), including 4,633 deaths (one additional death), while 77,474 people were cured.

Deaths in Europe on Monday at 19:00 GMT reached 126,223 cases out of a million 393779 injuries, in the United States and Canada 58344 deaths (one million and 27,306 injuries), in Latin America and the Caribbean 8311 deaths (169916 injuries), and in Asia 8,117 deaths (206538 injuries) In the Middle East, 6,411 deaths (159,358 injuries), in Africa 1458 deaths (32,625 injuries), and in Oceania 109 deaths (8,023 injuries).

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