Crisis between Al-Ahly and Abdul Hafeez because of the Ramiz Jalal program


A state of extreme anger dominates the atmosphere in Al-Ahly Club due to the depiction of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the club’s director of ball, a link in the Rams Galal program, especially that he was subjected to a major insult while filming the program, and he is a representative of the Al-Ahly Club, which was considered by officials of the Red Castle an insult to the club .

The state of anger has spread to the presenter of the program, Ramez Jalal, who they see as deceiving his guests with strange movements and insults in exchange for them getting the price for that in exchange for what is agreed upon.

Al-Ahly’s administration is seriously considering how to hold accountable Syed Abdul Hafeez, the ball manager, because of his insult to the club by photographing such programs, especially since he is not just a player but an official in the club, and he must be careful in his actions.

A source inside the club revealed the truth of Sayed Abdel Hafeez’s response, the amount he received for the filming of his episode on the official Ramez Majnoon program, which is expected to be broadcast in one of the program’s episodes during the coming period, which witnessed extensive reactions because Abdel Hafeez is the first football director in the history of the Red Castle It is filmed with this type of program.

The source confirmed that Syed Abdul Hafeez The amount was not refunded as it was reported, because he knows that the topic of broadcasting the episode has become a reality, and that the program is the owner of the right to broadcast it or not, and that the decision to refuse it had to be before registration, otherwise he would have to pay a large penal clause, which was rejected by Abdul Hafeez, in The time when the program cannot manage to erase the episode, especially since the program is broadcasted throughout the entire month of Ramadan.

The source added, “Syed Abdul Hafeez registered with the Al-Ahly trio, Mohamed Al-Shennawy, Ali Maaloul and Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, and after the end of the prank, the ball director Al-Ahly pushed Ramiz Jalal into the water and encroached upon him,” stressing that the failure of Mr. Abdul Hafeez and Al-Shinawi to appear in the promo to create a state of suspense , However, some leaks from Abdel Hafeez’s episode prevented that. “

The source added that there is a crisis between the Al-Ahly administration and Mr. Abdel Hafeez since they learned that Sayed Abdel-Hafeez had photographed his episode with Ramiz Jalal, especially since he photographed it without their knowledge, because he is convinced that the club management refuses the matter if it is presented, especially Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club president who always adheres to principles and values ​​and rejects Always such breaches, especially on the part of club officials.

Syed Abdul Hafeez got 30 thousand dollars, equivalent to 500 thousand Egyptian pounds, in exchange for registering his episode with Ramiz Jalal in the Emirates, which caused a crisis between him and the club management because he did not obtain permission before traveling on the one hand, and because the matter is not appropriate to A senior position representative in the Al-Ahly Club does it on the other hand, especially since the guest is always subjected to great harassment and insults, and obtaining an unjustified amount of money for them, especially since the Al-Ahly administration rejects in any way any kind of abuse to it or any official inside the club.

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