Daniel Craig removes “Bond” mask after 14 years and reveals: I never wanted to embody the role of a secret agent, but I developed his character


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Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – 8:58 PM
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Craig: Bid farewell to Bond “Out of the Heart” .. My next assignment is my family

It seems that the coming days will put an end point for the secret agent’s personality in the history of world cinema, after the British star Daniel Craig, who played the role of “James Bond” in 4 films in the famous series, confirmed his retirement of this role forever in an interview with him, “GQ” magazine. ” British.
“Craig” touched on this distinguished dialogue, which is scheduled to be presented in the next April issue of the magazine, to talk about his unique experience that he lived with the character of the secret agent “Bond”, one of the most legendary figures in the history of world cinema and the most important fictional literature on spy, and revealed that it was not He intends one day to embody the role of James Bond; indicating that he does not like to play roles that put him in comparison with the top stars they have done before him and have proven that they deserve to be well deserved.
“Craig” stated that he did not accept the role of James Bond at first, after he told the authors of the famous series that he is not the right man to perform this task, saying: “I cannot do that, and I cannot be like the stars Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan”, considering the attribution of this. His role at that time was very bold.
Despite his refusal to perform the character of the British agent, Craig eventually succumbed to the matter, and persuaded himself of this role, after he decided to read the scenario of “Casino Royale”, his first movie in the James Bond series, which he liked very much and decided not to leave it to others, as both succeeded. The producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael J. Wilson, in betting on him, after everyone saw his performance and praised him by critics, in addition to those who had previously embodied the character, led by Roger Moore, who explicitly acknowledged that he is the best Bond he had seen on screen.
Craig, the current English hero of the series, has announced that the twenty-fifth part is the fifth and final part for him, as he said that he prefers to cut his arteries rather than play this role again because of difficult scenes that require a great effort that is not commensurate with his age.
Asked about his potential to embody the role of James Bond in the future, Craig said that he had learned a lot from this character and loved it even though he did not accept it at first, but that does not mean that he plays it again, and he indicated that he added a lot to it and redefined and changed the customer’s personality «007» to the public with a different body that they loved a lot, through appearance, style, and some glimpses that he inherited from her without feeling it.
According to critics and film analysts, Craig has finally become the most retaining actor of the character, as he has been associated with her for 14 years, beating two of the most famous stars who have personified the customer 007, Sean Connery and Roger Moore, and suggested that there are some factors that helped him other than his performance to be the most suitable. In a uniform bond.
Perhaps the most prominent of them are visual effects, such as motion scenes and chases, and the provision of separate and independent plots for each film by maintaining a thread that connects these films with each other, unlike the method used in previous films, with which James Bond films seemed to be completely separate from each other. Some.
Craig presented a single character without imitating any of the stars who had previously presented it on the screen, and excelled in embodying the most realistic version of James Bond, which differed from the usual model of a handsome intelligence agent with superior physical and mental capabilities, along with his interest in highlighting the psychological and human aspect of the personality, This attracted a larger audience and increased their coexistence with and interest in Daniel Craig’s Bond.
On the other hand, rumors circulated recently about assigning the role of the secret agent to other stars, the most recent of which was the American actor of Egyptian origin Ramy Youssef, who confirmed that he is the next hero of the James Bond series, and denied the news published by Page Six, quoting him; He explained that he was not joking about the statements he made to him.
Immediately after “Joseph” confirmed the news, a large number of Twitter pioneers mocked him and added their voice to “Page Six”, expressing their surprise and confusion about these statements, while some did not believe what he said about the possibility of playing this great role, especially since all indications indicate On the upcoming “No Time To Die” movie, is the 25th and final part of the popular British Secret Agent film series.
Despite the work producer Barbara Broccoli’s desire that Craig end the series alone, she finally removed doubts about assigning the role to the actress (woman), and insisted that this role should be played by a man, and she added that it is possible that He embodies any ideals regardless of color and ethnic origin, and these statements may give strong indications that Yusuf can play this role.

Heart performance
With Craig’s fifth and final movie, “No Time To Die,” whose launch was postponed from April to November due to concerns related to the emerging Corona virus, according to a statement by companies MGM and Universal, and “Bond”, and the financial losses that may be faced by the “Golden Mayer” metro studio, by up to 55 million dollars.
Craig, 52, sees that being ready to play one of the most famous characters in modern cinema without seeing advance texts caused him anxiety, and he explained that he was concerned about his preparations for the last film without a scenario saying: “I suffered from this in the past , Because I was not able to cope with the situation, and I could not deal with this matter, ”pointing to his feelings of regret for his silence throughout that period.
For his part, Craig, who returned to his fifth and final flight as a spy, spoke that he had suffered from the physical bodily preparation of films, which was the reason behind the five-year wait for his filming of the new James Bond film, saying that he suffered from anxiety about the role and felt he was not ready to play 007 again and he was Out of his personal plans, due to the physical problems he suffered, while describing his performance in his last film in the series as saying goodbye to the character “with a performance from the heart.”
The movie “No Time to Die” revolves around the life of James Bond, who left active service to enjoy a quiet life in Jamaica, but the calm of his life does not last long, as he confronts the villain embodied by the American actor of Egyptian origin, Ramy Malik.
And he appears during the events, “Felix Liter” from the CIA, “CIA”, to his friend, “Bond”, who left the service some time ago, and asks him to help him confront a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.
The film is directed by Carrie Gogi Fukonaga, the first American director to run Bond films, and co-starring alongside “Craig” and “Malik” by Anna de Armas, Leah Siddox, Lashana Lynch and Billy Magnuson.
The producer had released the movie’s song, which was sung by young singer Billy Ilish, and announced the film’s duration of two hours and 43 minutes, which makes it the longest movie in the James Bond series ever.

Family mission
On the personal level, Bond’s star aspires to have another child from his wife, “Rachel Wiz”, considering that his future mission, unlike his secret mission, is his family, which is the most important thing for him at the present time, according to his talk.
As for the future acting roles, Craig said: “I am absolutely sure that I can play any role in almost any movie.”

The beginning of his own series
Much ado was raised in 2005 about choosing Daniel Craig to be the new James Bond, as he was considered unworthy of personifying the British film’s most famous character in the world of cinema, and some objected to having better alternatives from their point of view, while others did not accept that Bond be Blonde features contrary to the character’s usual appearance, and many expected Craig to withdraw from the role because of that attack, but he accepted the challenge and made the move.
The controversy ended with the release of Casino Royale in 2006, which was the start of his own series, which was followed by the films “Quantum of Solace” in 2008, “Skyfall” in 2012, “Specter” in 2015, where Daniel Craig was able to perform well and balanced character And he and director Martin Campbell have also succeeded in presenting their own version of the James Bond character, and then Craig has become one of the newcomers in the new series.
Craig has made several accomplishments since he took the customer’s title 007 three years after actor Brice Brosnan abandoned him, perhaps the most prominent of which was that he starred in his best and most successful film in the eyes of many, and it is “Skyfall” whose revenue exceeded 1.1 billion US dollars; The 28th in the list of most revenue-generating films in the history of the film industry.


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