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06:15 PM

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

The Ministry of Endowments, in coordination with the Ministry of Housing and Utilities and the New Urban Communities Authority, has announced the provision of housing units for employees of the Ministry in all governorates of the Republic in medium housing projects for vacant units in the following places:

1. (Dar Misr) in the cities (Badr – Sadat – 15 May) with areas (100, 115, 130, 140, 150) m 2.

2. (Residence of Egypt) in the city of West Assiut, with areas (106 to 118) m 2.

3. (Jannah) in the cities of (Mallawi – New Mansoura – New Damietta) with areas of (100, 115, 130, 140, 150) m 2

The Ministry of Awqaf stated, in a statement on Tuesday, that the unit value will be paid according to the following system:

Payment of (40%) of the value of each unit before receipt, in contrast to (1%) administrative expenses, (0.5%) a board of trustees and (5%) maintenance deposit (of the total unit value), and the rest of the unit’s installments may be paid quarterly for a period of time Three years without interest or over (five- seven) years loaded with burdens on the debit balance in more than three years, the interest rate declared in the Central Bank of Egypt is equivalent to the time of payment in addition to (2%) + (0.5%) collection expenses, and it is due The first installment is after (3) months from the date of receiving the unit, with the member committing to receiving the unit according to notifying the Ministry of the deadlines for submitting and submitting future checks for the amount of the installments before receiving.

The Ministry indicated that the new Urban Communities Authority will determine the value of the price per square meter of housing units through the pricing committee immediately upon approval of the allocation and not before submitting the application.

She pointed out that the last average value previously determined for the project (Dar Misr) in 2019 m per Badr City by (5900 pounds / m 2), and for the (Paradise) project in the new city of Damietta by (9080 pounds / m 2).

The Ministry of Endowments, and its employees who wish to use a housing unit (Dar Misr – Misr Misr – Jannah), asked to apply on the Ministry’s website, via the following link:Press here

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