Details of the arrest of the Director of Inspection and Follow-up in the Dakahlia Governorate, for the bribery


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A second prosecution, Al-Mansoura, began an investigation, on Thursday evening, of the arrest of Ahmed Hammam Al-Bahi, director of the General Administration of Inspection and Follow-up in the Dakahlia Governorate, in the case of financial bribery.

There was information received by members of the Administrative Control Authority earlier that the Director of the General Administration of Inspection and Follow-up at the General Office of Dakahlia governorate received financial bribes in exchange for finishing some examination and inspection reports on building permits in violation of the law to give those who do not deserve legal rights to violate.

By codifying the procedures, the oversight officers were able to arrest the accused, this morning, from the governorate’s general office, after receiving a sum of money as a bribe from one of the citizens in exchange for finishing the papers of the violating building licenses, and the incident was recorded by sound and video.

Judicial sources revealed that the administrative control officers pursued the accused for two weeks while agreeing with a citizen to receive a bribe of 500 thousand in exchange for facilitating the procedures for licensing buildings that one of the people had grieved to stop and filed a complaint with the governor of Dakahlia. The landowner is required to charge 500 thousand pounds in exchange for ending the violation procedures and writing a report in his favor and obtaining the approval of the governor.

The sources pointed out that the accused received the amount of bribery from the accused in front of Chapter (6) at the General Court, and during his entry into the office, he was arrested and in possession of the amount of the bribe, and the entire incident was recorded in audio and video.

A report of the incident in the second section of Al-Mansowa was issued and referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

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